Aura Reading

What is Aura?

Everyone has an Aura- we humans, plants, animals & even objects can have an Aura. Your Aura is the electric field surrounding you. Often, when you see a paining of a God, their is a glowing light around them. That is Aura!

The Aura is a reflection of our true nature at any given moment. In a way Aura is our spiritual signature.

What does an Aura consist of?

Aura consists of different layers of energy bodies vibrating at different frequencies.

1. The Physical bodybeing the densest in vibration

2. The Mental bodycontaining all our belief patterns and

3. The Emotional bodycontains all our negative and positive emotional responses connected to our memories & experiences

4. The Spiritual bodywhich hold all our spiritual karmas positive & negative deeds till now.

5. The Astral bodywhich is also called the etheric double which is actually a exact replica of our physical body but in a more finer vibrational form.

All these bodies together are called subtle body which are interconnected by a thin silver cord coming out of our navel connecting all the five bodies.

As our Aura is actually made up of energy vibrating at different rates , its often seen as a spectrum of colours which can depict all about our nature. By scanning the Aura colours we can gain a lot of unsaid information about a person, place or a thing.

Importance of scanning the Aura?

Scanning and healing Aura is very important as the cause of most illnesses and problems lies in it. By healing the Aura one will be removing the cause and simultaneously healing before they affect the body.

A complete Aura scan report reveals:

Ø Basic persona

Ø Behavioural pattern

Ø Emotional blockage

Ø Gift of self-healing ability

Ø Level of spiritual growth

Ø Clairvoyance & intuitive abilities

Ø Karmic burden in present lifes

Aura cleansing clears you of negativities and heals the holes, bands, gaps, weaknesses in your Aura. Post to which your Aura is sealed & your grounding is done to strengthen and balance your Aura.

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