Tarot Deck and a Self-Learning Guide

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Hi, After buying and using many Tarot Cards I still felt a need of Tarot cards, which depicted the essence of tarot along with numerology and astrology. Something simple and easy to learn and understand, even for someone learning to read Tarot. So finally, I decided to make a set of my own Tarot Cards.‘AskDishaa Mystik Tarot’

The cards are based on The Riders Deck. Each card has been designed keeping in mind the symbology of Tarot and their meanings. Colours used are to help understand the theme and the essence of each of the cards. Cards have been linked to Astrology& Numerology to help understand their deeper meaning. The illustrations on the cards are self explanatory and highly expressive.

Each Set contains a AskDishaa Mystik Tarot Book. It is a guide and a ready reckoner which will be helpful to beginner as well as advanced Tarot Readers. My basic purpose behind writing this book is to make tarot more interesting and easy to understand.

  • Each card is explained individually in a simple and easy manner along with its picture for easy understanding.
  • 10 Different types of spreads are explained covering general queries.
  • Quick reference tables are also provided at the end of the book. These tables summarise the upright meanings of all the 78 cards.
  • At the end of the book step by step guide to Tarot meditation is also given.

I’m Sure you would enjoy using these cards for Learning Tarot Cards and using them for Doing your Readings.



  • AskDishaa Mystik Tarot Cards consisting of 78 Cards divided into 22 Major Arcana Cards & 56 Minor Arcana Cards.
  • A Self Study carry along Pocket Book including:
    • Illustrations of each card with their Meanings, Upright Keywords and Reverse Keywords.
    • How to read Reversed Tarot.
    • Step by Step procedure of Tarot Reading.
    • Ready Reference Table of Upright Keywords.
    • 10 Spreads including The Celtic Cross.
    • Step by Step Tarot Meditation Guide.
  • A Velvet Pouch for safe keeping of your cards.


MRP: ₹2,250/-

Discounted Price: ₹1,000/-

(Limited Period Offer)

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