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“I look around and gather from all,

the aether, the earth, the water, the fire and the air.

I seek the truth and guidance of all.

the planets, the number and the cards.”


Divination, ‘the Art of prediction’.

I do predictions with the help of Numerology, Tarot & Astrology.

Numerology came to me very naturally and at a very early age. Over the years I gained knowledge of different types of numerology and their applications in our life. The combination of our Date of Birth and Name gives our unique set of numbers. Which when combined together reveal about our life and its journey.

Numerology gives an opportunity to be more aware of ourselves, the talents we have, and the pathway we choose to use these abilities. Several formulas applied on the full name and birth date gives an insight into one’s nature, desires, life’s journey and the obstacles one faces. Numerology helps us understand the gap between our expectations and what we actually receive in our life. This gap can be covered by understanding ourselves better and also by many other methods like changing the name etc,

Tarot came a bit later in my life but I fell in love with the cards so much so that I designed my own set of cards. I have been doing tarot for more than a decade now and my passion for them seems never ending. Tarot readings help me go deeper into the present situation. They tell a story around it and give me an in-depth insight to your queries. They present the complete surroundings around your query and give guidance to what needs to be done.

Astrology been comparatively a new love of my life but never the less equally deep one. Astrology revolves around the planetary positions at the time of one’s birth. It has 12 signs and 9 planets and 27 Nakshatras, and all of them define who we are and what we are. our likes, our dislikes, our deepest desires and Our behaviours. It has Dashas and Transits too and they define the timings of events in our life.

A Kundli (horoscope) is the chart which gives details of all the events that are to happen during your life. The quality of life, health education, the field of profession, marriage and much more. Along with that it also gives remedies that can be done to reduce the hurdles you face in your life.

Our numbers and planets define our lessons in this life and what we need to accomplish, and how best we can accomplish it.


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Still thinking how you can benefit from a Consultation?

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Unlike a routine Numerology or a Tarot Consultation. I do an all-in-one consultation using all of them together for you, using all the three tools of divination i.e. Tarot, Numerology & Astrology. When you are booking a consultation with me, you get a free Astrology Consultation as a part of the Tarot-Numerology Consultation that you pay for. In one consultation you get a complete in-depth consultation . So all you need to do is, book a consultation with me and get the benefits of all the three in one consultation.

And when we work as per our numbers and planets along with the guidance of tarot we can make the most of our capabilities and benefit the most. They also help in overcoming the hurdles we face in our life in the easiest of ways.


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