How to cleanse your tarot cards?

While shuffling the cards can help discharge the deck’s energy, there may be instances when a more targeted and ritualistic approach is needed. If you’re starting with tarot, cleaning your deck might be an OK first step.
Different ways you can cleanse your cards:

Burn incense: A smoke purification wand of dried rosemary, lavender, cedar, sage, or Palo Santo should be ignited until it is smoking. With the deck in one hand and the burning herbs in the other, hold the smoke a safe distance below the deck so that the smoke rises onto the cards. Turn the deck so that the smoke engulfs both sides. Then, place your deck down and extinguish the smoke carefully.

Place a salt: Place a bowl of salt next to your tarot cards overnight.

Using Crystal: black tourmaline or clear quartzsto on the deck: I prefer to let this set overnight, but an hour would suffice.

To leave this to sit overnight under a full moon: Under the energy of the New Moon, you can purify your deck by putting it on a window till during the night of the New Moon. Now, you can also set a new intention for your deck.

Chaotic shuffle: Spread the cards on the floor and shuffle them like a child playing in the mud. This method’s randomness and freedom make it an excellent reset.

The sort and shuffle: Arrange the deck beginning with the Major Arcana digits 0 to 22 in lines of seven cards across. Then, arrange the Ace through the King of each suit in the following order: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. View the deck in this format, then thoroughly shuffle.

When should a tarot deck be cleansed?
In other words, TRUST YOUR INTUITION; there are no concrete guidelines to follow. Don’t stress over it if you don’t think your deck needs it. On the other hand, weekly or monthly washings would also be acceptable. If it feels appropriate, you can place your favorite crystal on the deck every night.

You may not need to cleanse your deck very often if you perform a simple ritual, such as laying crystals on it and storing it on an altar while not using it.
By burning cleansing herbs such as dried sage, you can pass your deck through the smoke to cleanse it of the energy it has held in the past. Once the usage is complete, you can put your deck in hand and use the smoke once more to expel any energies. Let us look at the ten best ways to purify your deck, along with a few Dos and Do Nots for protecting your cards.

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