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Hi, you can book your appointment here. All you need to do is choose a payment method and make the payment. Post that you would be given an appointment time. Generally, your appointment will be scheduled within 7 working days from the receipt of your payment.

Appointment medium can be either In-Person or online via Voice Call / E-mail / Skype / Facetime.

I am a Professional Tarot Reader, Astrologer and Numerologist, I provide free Astrology Consultation on request as a part of the Tarot+Numerology Consultation that you pay for.


Modes of Payment

For India Based Client (domestic payment):

OPTION 1 – Online Payment

Consultation: 3,100/- (30 mins/per person) Free Astrology Consultation with every Tarot+Numerology Consultation.

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Relationship Consultation: 5,100/-

Book a Consultation 

Name Correction: 5,100/-

Book a Consultation 

OPTION 2 – Deposit in Bank Account

Bank Details: A/c Holder: Disha Dhaka A/c no. 909020041479117 Bank: Axis Bank IFSC: UTIB0000302 Branch: Madhya Marg, Chandigarh.

For International Clients (Paypal):

  Consultation: $45 (Online Consultation via Voice Call / E-mail / Skype / Facetime)


  • I will strive at all times to give you the very best advice of which I am capable.
  • I will provide guidance and insight in your Tarot reading, but you have the free will to choose whether you will follow this guidance or not. You are therefore responsible for your actions following your Tarot reading.
  • You are recommended to seek competent medical or psychological assistance from a healthcare professional if you have any disease, illness, or disorder.
  • You are recommended to seek competent financial assistance from a banker, broker, or financial consultant before you make any financial transactions.
  • You are recommended to seek competent legal assistance from a qualified attorney-at-law if you have any legal problems.
  • To protect the privacy of others, I will not read on a third party (e.g. “Does He/She love Him/Her?”). Where possible, I will rephrase the question to focus the reading on what is directly related to you.