Rahu & Ketu Transit – 2016

According to Vedic Astrology, the Nodes Rahu and Ketu transit into Leo (Simha) and Aquarius (Kumbha) signs on 30th January, 2016. They will stay in these signs till 18th August, 2017.

This transit will get Rahu in close conjunction with Jupiter as it is also in Leo at 28 ͦ26’ it stays in Leo till 11TH august, 2016. The conjunction will also be aspected by Saturn in Scorpion (Vrushchik) Sign.

Ketu also gets the aspect of Leo Jupiter for the next 7 months.

This transit will make people leave the collective thinking and activities and focus rather on individual thinking and activities.

The transit will have the following effects on the various Ascendants or Lagana.



Rahu is in 5th House & Ketu is in 11th House.

Rahu being in the fifth house will influence in the matters related to love, children and education. You would feel very creative during this period. You will be bursting with confidence and energy to try new things. Your focus will shift towards your children. You may consider planning your family.

It is not a very good period to do any speculation activities. During this period one should not start any new romantic relations. Relation with your children might also be a little strained. You might also be concerned with the health of your children. Children with Aries Lagan might find it difficult to concentrate in their studies.

Stomach related ailments might trouble you from time to time. Pregnant ladies should be a little more careful during this time period.

Ketu in the 11th house will influence the matters related to income, friends and elder siblings. You should not try any new methods or shortcuts to earn money. Stay away and clear from any conspiracy that surrounds you. You might feel coldness in your relations with your friends and elder siblings. Your focus will shift from social activities towards your children.



Rahu is in 4th House & Ketu is in the 10th House.

Rahu in the Fourth house will get your attention towards your house and mother. You may make renovations or buy a new house during this period. However, be a bit careful while making any deals relating to property.

Health of your mother may be a cause of concern. You may benefit or gain from your mother. You might travel to foreign lands during this time period.

Favourable results will be seen by people related to fields like architecture, interior designing and vastu Shastra.

Ketu in 10th house will influence the matters relating to your career, profession and govt. relations. You might feel dissatisfied in your work environment. Relations at your work place might be a cause of mental worries and may keep you stressed.



Rahu is in 3rd House & Ketu is in 9th House.

Rahu here influences matters related to younger siblings, communication, expression and short travel. Your own self efforts will increase and if you are related to the field of communication you will see a lot of gains coming your way.

Rahu here will make you express yourself bigger and in a larger picture than before. You will feel more confident and perform more. You will be focusing on more individual connections with people. Your relation with you siblings will demand your time and attention.

This time period will get an increase in your short travels especially if your work is travel oriented.

Ketu in 9th House will make you question your belief system. You will want to explore the other view points and then form your own view point towards culture and religion. Health of your father may be a cause of worry.



Rahu is in 2nd House & Ketu is in 8th House.

Rahu here influences the matters related to family and wealth. Your focus will shift towards accumulation of wealth. Family responsibilities will increase during this time.

You should take care of your eating habits as reckless eating can cause health issues. You should also take care of your speech as it can get u into unnecessary troubles. Your relations might get affected or may go sour cause of your speech. Investments in Jewellery might increase. This period will make you more ostentatious.

You may also be making some journey overseas during this time period.

Ketu in 8th house influences your marital harmony. It makes you less focused towards your spouse’s family. Your relations with your spouse might also get strained during this time period. You may have to undergo some surgery. The situations will push you towards spirituality. Also a good time to do research.



Rahu is in 1st House & Ketu is in 7th House.

Rahu for Leo ascendant is in their first house the house of self. Your focus will now shift towards your own self. Now you will make an effort to do things for yourself, to please yourself. You will go on to be self-centred and selfish in your approach, to prove yourself to others.

You will be full of energy and wanting to achieve a lot in less time. You will attract fame during this period. Its best to not get into partnerships during this period and instead working alone will bring you gain.

Ketu in in seventh house will stain your relation with your partners and spouse. If in a partnership you might face disagreements with your partners. Your spouse may complain of getting less time and attention from you. This could cause a drift in your relations.



Rahu in 12th House & Ketu in 6th House.

Rahu in the twelfth house influences your expenditure and foreign travel. Your expenses will increase, they could be due to health issues and also as a result of an increase in foreign travel.

Litigation matters due to false allegations might be a cause of concern. Lack of sleep may be a reason for health troubles. A very favourable period for people with import & export or if your work deals with foreign clients.

You may be more focused towards your spiritual life. And may focus on your inner self.

Ketu in sixth house may cause you some health issues. You may face obstacles and hurdles in day to day life. Enemies might try to bring harm during this time period.



Rahu in 11th House & Ketu in 5th House.

Rahu in this house will influence your social life, elder siblings and desires. You will be more focused in enhancing your social circles. Staying in the limelight. Your relations with your elder siblings will demand some of your time an attention.

You will have numerous desires for which you will be making all your efforts. You will show off yourself to people. You will get gains through your investments in large organisations. You gain from your friends and elder siblings.

Ketu in this house will take your attention away from your children. You will find yourself less involved with your children due to your social commitments. Health of children may be a cause of concern. There may be falling out in your love life. Children will not be able to concentrate on their studies.



Rahu is in 10th House & Ketu is in 4th House.

Rahu will influence your work life, relation with father and Govt. related things. You will be very ambitious and wanting to achieve a lot and make it big in your work place. You will now focus all your attention towards proving yourself and you will aspire in achieving name and fame in your field of expertise. You will become more egoistic in work environment. You will want to work on your terms in your work front.

You may get gains from govt. dealings. This period might get some gains to your father however his health can be a cause of concern. Your efforts will be recognised at the work place. You might face troubles with your colleagues. Your travel for work might increase. You will be more concerned about your reputation.

Ketu in the fourth house will get your attention away from house and this may cause some tension in your domestic life. You will not be happy in your home and will find for reasons to stay away. You might feel depressed during this time period. Avoid taking loans or making any decisions related to property during this time period.



Rahu is in 9th House & Ketu in 3rd House.

Rahu will influence matters of higher education, travel and your religious views. The transit will make you more religious and you might even go on a pilgrimage.

You might go afar for higher education. You will want to learn philosophy for yourself.  Might learn religious texts to help you in your career. Very good period for students pursuing higher education.

Ketu in this house might stain your relations with your younger siblings. You might face problems in your work front esp. if your work is related to hands. You will not be able to express yourself well during this time period which will cause dissatisfaction.



Rahu in 8th House & Ketu in 2nd House.

Rahu in this house will influence your relation with your in-laws, heath and inheritance. You might have problems with your relations with your spouse’s family and this could get a strife in your relation with your spouse.

You should take extra care of your health during this period. You should consider taking a routine check-up with your doctor. You should travel safe as u may be prone to accidents. You may come across some secret which will make u take decisions beneficial for you. You should avoid taking decisions against morals. You can have success in occult sciences and tantric vidya. You will make money from others money. Your reputation might be at stake.

Ketu in 2nd house will create coldness in family life. Expenditures will increase. You should avoid making investments during this time period. You should control use of harsh words as it may create misunderstandings. Relation with spouse may be stressful.



Rahu in 7th House & Ketu in 1st House

Rahu in the 7th house will influence you public relations, partnership and spouse.  You will be paying more attention to the needs of others and will make an effort to improve your public relations.

Despite your efforts the relation with your partner will have ups and downs. Married life will not be very smooth during this period. Heath of spouse will also need your attention. Lack of trust will be a cause of concern. Try not being too dominating during this period. Your ego will be inflated during this time. You will make selfish decisions even when making efforts favouring people.

Ketu in the first house will make you focus on others. You will remain frustrated and dissatisfied with the environment around you. You will be in trouble because of your speech. You should try to keep your calm even when provoked by others.



Rahu in 6th House & Ketu in 12th House.

Rahu in this house will influence your day to day life. You will be surrounded by enemies and opponents but you will be able to have victory over them. You will get favours from high officials.

During this period you will focus on your work. You may also face some health issues. You are now focused on winning the battle with the enemy. You might want to buy a pet. You will be making effort to help others. You will focus on serving people in your work. You will become more health conscious during this time period. It is a very favourable time period for you if your work is related to healing or in service industry

Ketu in this house will reinforce you belief in spirituality though you may not spend much time practicing it. Your health may be a cause of concern. You will be more practical in your approach.

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