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Energy Healing Therapy

Energy Healing Therapy is the term wildly used for healers using various alternative therapies to balance and heal the body.

It’s a holistic approach to heal the physical and mental ailments by tapping into one’s subtle bodies. Energy healing facilitates the process of healing by clearing, repairing and rebalancing the energy fields of the body.

The energy field senses a disease way before the disease manifests itself as a pain in the physical body. When a body is under stress it blocks the regular movement of our chakras and depletes our aura.

If this stays for long, then this blockage eventually manifests itself in a form of pain or disease in the physical body. The healing is done by a combination of techniques used by the healer like Reiki, Aura Cleansing, Tapping on meridians and by using crystals & colours. Every energy healing therapist has their own ways of doing the healing based on their intuition.

I personally follow my intuition at the time of healing and use various techniques like Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T), Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Tachyon Healing, Crystal Therapy, Colour Therapy, Chakra Healing, Pyramid Therapy, Aura Cleansing and Dowsing to name a few. The healing process not only brings relief from pain and relaxation, but also helps in healing on an emotional, mental and spiritual level.

The healing session generally lasts around 60 mins and the number of session needed varies from person to person. Every person feels and experiences energy in a different manner some feel the heat, some feel a tingling sensation, some experience an emotional release and some don’t sense anything during the session and feel relaxed and lighter by the end of it. It all depends on how sensitive someone is to energy but energy does work and heal everyone whether you sense it or not.

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